Re: Happy Birthday Everything!

From: Rick Dormeyer <>
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 18:20:41 -0600

Happy Birthday!

Hal Finney wrote:

>I just noticed that today (or pehaps yesterday, depending on how you
>figure it) is the 6th birthday of the everything-list, which was begun
>by Wei Dai in January 1998. The list has remained remarkably active
>and civil over that time, compared to other lists I've been on.
>The initial message stated, "You are invited to join a mailing list for
>discussion of the idea that all possible universes exist." This has spun
>off into a wide variety of related areas: logic, mathematics, physics,
>infinite sets, theory of computation, Godel's and Turing's theorems,
>algorithmic information theory, the philosophy of consciousness, decision
>theory, and much more.
>Although this list did not originate the idea, we have seen it grow from
>a little-known curiosity to a model that might be characterized as almost
>mainstream, including a widely read article by Max Tegmark in Scientific
>American on multiverse theory. For all the attention, though, it is hard
>to see much progress being made in terms of possible predictions that
>might allow, even in principle, testing the plausibility of the theory.
>I'd like to thank Wei and all the other contributors over the years for
>creating and maintaining a high quality and lively discussion group.
>Hal Finney
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