Re: Peculiarities of our universe

From: John M <>
Date: Mon, 12 Jan 2004 11:33:24 -0500

thanks for this comprehensive view about universes. This "state of the Art"
essay is worth reading whether one concurs or discords. I concur with some
tiny remarks (could it be otherwise???)

The position that we don't 'see' other universes is correct, missing,
the possibility of OTHER universes seeing US. Even interfere(?).

Non essential style-wise - (you wrote):
> This observation points to the fact that with our laws of physics,
> the evolution of intelligent life is extremely unlikely. ...<
I would name "our universe-system" rather than the "laws" we
abstracted from our (limited?) observations in our system-studies.
> Presumably, there are universes whose laws make life essentially
> impossible. <
Characteristics (unobserved, in lifeless or intelligence-less universes:
Yes. Laws? in different systems from any what we cannot even
contemplate? No.

I consider your "measures" in the widest (most general) sense as
circumstances including features unknown to us as well.
Since we cannot "see" other universes, I do not speculate
about their particulars. Even "possibilities" of potentials are
restricted to our experience and mindset. Our sci-fi is limited.

Sorry for the hair-splitting and thank you for a good post

John Mikes
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> There has been a huge amount written about the Fermi Paradox (why are
> there no aliens).
> Hal Finney
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