Re: Why no white talking rabbits?

From: Jesse Mazer <>
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 17:58:13 -0500

Eric Hawthorne wrote:

>So the answer to *why* it is true that our universe conforms to simple
>regularities and produces complex yet ordered systems governed
>(at some levels) by simple rules, it's because that's the only kind of
>universe that an emerged observer could have emerged
>in, so that's the only kind of universe that an emerged observer ever will

That's not true--you're ignoring the essence of the white rabbit problem! A
universe which follows simple rules compatible with the existence of
observers in some places, but violates them in ways that won't be harmful to
observers (like my seeing the wrong distribution of photons in the
double-slit experiment, but the particles in my body still obeying the
'correct' laws of quantum mechanics) is by definition just as compatible
with the existence of observers as our universe is. So you can't just use
the anthropic principle to explain why we don't find ourselves in such a
universe, assuming you believe such universes "exist" somewhere out there in
the multiverse.


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