Re: Why is there something instead of nothing?

From: Alastair Malcolm <>
Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 19:24:42 -0000

Readers might be interested in a project group (which includes Hal and
myself) which is aimed at a systematic investigation of the fundamental
question encompassing this very issue. Anyone with a serious interest and
commitment to careful rational thought can join in.
Details at

Alastair Malcolm
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From: Russell Standish <>
Subject: Re: Why is there something instead of nothing?
> The answer I prefer is to say that the Nothing and the Everything are
> the same Thing. (or rather that they are complementary aspects of the
> same thing). Its a bit mystical I know, but the inspiration comes from
> the notion of duality in Category theory - for example in the theory
> of Venn diagrams, the universal set and the empty set are closely
> related (one can find a transformation whereby any theorem expressed in
> terms of universal sets can be transformed into an equivalent theorem
> containing empty sets).
> Hal Ruhl tried a theory based on logical contradictions inherent in
> nothings and evrything, that he posted on this list, which was kind of
> interesting...
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