Re: "Last-minute" vs. "anticipatory" quantum immortality

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 15:28:35 +0100

At 20:11 13/11/03 -0500, Jesse Mazer wrote:
>David Kwinter wrote:
>>Thank you Bruno & Jesse, this "anticipatory QTI" is the most awesome
>>interpretation of QM I've ever heard.
>It's not so much an interpretation of QM as "the many-worlds
>interpretation of QM + some assumptions about laws of consciousness,
>particularly laws governing first-person probabilities in duplications".

It's just consequence of the comp hyp. actually
"the invariance lemma": the fact that from a first
person perspective is not possible to be aware of "computational
substitutions, reconstitution delays, realness/virtualness
distinctions, or even realness/arithmeticalness distinctions, etc.
+ realism on the relation between positive integers, and
realism on what immaterial machine (programs) can prove
about themselves and their most probable local neighborhood.
I agree that non collapse form of QM "confirms" comp-immortality
like prospects.

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