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From: Stephen Paul King <>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 21:13:57 -0500

Dear David,

    Have you read any of the books by Michael C. Mackey on the implications of reversible (invertible) and non-invertible systems? Some, notably Oliver Penrose, have attacked his reasoning, but I find his work to be both insightful and novel and that his detractors are mostly driven by their own inabilities to take statistical dynamics and thermodynamics forward.

    Mackey shows that invertible dynamical system will be at equilibrium perpetually and that only non-invertible system will exhibit an "arrow of time". I am very interested in the subject of reversible computation, as it relates to my study of Hitoshi Kitada's theory of Time, and would like to learn about what you have found about them.

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  From: David Barrett-Lennard
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  Subject: Reversible computing

  I have been wondering whether there is something significant in the fact that our laws of physics are mostly time symmetric, and we have a law of conservation of mass/energy. Does this suggest that our universe is associated with a reversible (and information preserving) computation?


  - David
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