Re: a possible paradox

From: scerir <>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 17:03:51 +0100

> I'm agree that informations are always subjective, but a physical or
> matematical model should not be too. And perhaps the paradox I propose
> is a four-order one. The problem in fact is that all the conclusions
> we could think are consequence of the hypotesis of applying the
> physical and matematical system. But if they were wrong, the
> conclusions would be wrong, too.

Principles of World Theory say, more or less, that:
- a proposition (whatever) is *necessary* iff it is true in all worlds;
- a proposition (whatever) is *possible* iff there is some world in which
  it is true;
- there is only one *actual* world;
- there are propositions which are true at the *actual* world;
- there are propositions which are not true at the *actual* world, but
  they are true at some *non-actual* *possible* world.

It is not much. But, in any case, we must start from these points :-)
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