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From: Mirai Shounen <mirai_shounen.domain.name.hidden>
Date: Thu, 30 Oct 2003 18:12:20 +0900

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> I think two things are being confused. First, the laws of physics, second,
> the laws of probability. A gas particle follow physical rules (movement,
> bumping, thermal vibrations) and lots of gas particles together follow
> probability rules (low probability of people suffocating in rooms).
> The paradox Feredico is proposing is that in an infinite universe
> probability laws are local and not constant. Observers in different parts
> the universe would come up with the same physical laws but different
> probability laws. Gas molecules will do their bumping the same way
> everywhere, but when put together in some "pockets" of inverted
> the molecules will have very high likelihood of ending up in room corners.
> 1. observers in these areas would make similar physical theories,
> caos/statistics/probability theories
> 2. observers in many areas of the universe would not be able to evolve or
> survive since the system tends to extremes or does not favor stable
> behavior (evolution cannot happen) ... but there could be other kinds of
> evolution in these areas - just think about a gigantic bayesian system in
> which the right thoughts pop up because of different probability rules...
> superintelligence could be achieved very simply.
> So there is no real paradox, just the fact that probability rules are not
> constant in an infinite universe; I personally don't believe in things
> are infinite though.
> mirai++
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