Re: Is reality unknowable?

From: Hal Finney <>
Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 21:56:21 -0700

> Too many messages.
> I cannot read them all.
> Is there a user group where these things are more organized? Hope so, else I'll
> have to block these messages.

This mailing list is archived at,
as well as
You could read the messages there and not have your mailbox flooded.

One problem though is that this list tends to be "bursty" in its traffic.
Your mailbox had to deal with 11 messages so far today, 5 yesterday,
7 over the previous week, and then none back to July. So if you resort
to periodically checking the web page, you may find no changes for weeks
at a time, lose interest, and then miss out on a new conversation.

Personally, I get well over a hundred messages a day, not counting
several hundred additional spams. So a dozen from this list is barely
a drop in the bucket. It might be worth your while to invest time in
learning to manage your mail tools, so that in future years you will be
able to handle an increasing flow of information.

Hal Finney
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