Re: Quantum Immortality

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 17:06:07 +0200

At 10:14 12/06/03 -0400, Charles wrote:

>What is this thing called consciousness, anyway?

It could be the unconscious, instinctive, automatic, abductive
inference of some consistent sets of "neighborhood-histories".
It is related to some high level description of ourselves
relatively to what we infer as being (momentarily) invariant.
Its probable role is to speed up and slow down decision process
relatively to high order interpretation of information fluxes.
There are evidence (Hobson works on dream) that human
consciousness is implemented
by some dialog between the cerebral stem and ... the rest of
the brain.
(A sort of ideal version of "ourselves" can be "modelized"
by self-referentially correct proving machines, and then
... much more can be said about what correct machine
can prove and/or infer about their consistent extensions).

BTW Smullyan's book "Forever Undecided" is in print.
(it is a recreative introduction to the Godel-Lob
logics I use, as machine's basic psychology, to derive
"fundamental physics" from universal machine's introspection,
as made obligatory by the universal dovetailer argument).

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