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Members might be interested in the following paper which deals with
a testable TOE.


by Reginald T Cahill

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Abstract: A review of the new information-theoretic Process
Physics. The fundamental assumption is that reality is to be
modelled as self-organising semantic or relational information
using a self-referentially limited neural network model, where the
information-theoretic limitations are implemented via
self-referential noise. This modelling was motivated by the discovery
that such stochastic neural networks are foundational to known
quantum field theories. In Process Physics time is a distinct
non-geometric process while space and quantum physics are emergent
and unified. Quantum phenomena are caused by fractal topological
defects embedded in and forming a growing three-dimensional
fractal process-space, which is essentially a quantum foam. Other
features are the emergence of quantum field theory with flavour
and confined colour, limited causality and the Born quantum
measurement metarule, inertia, time-dilation effects, gravity and
the equivalence principle, a growing universe with a cosmological
constant, black holes and event horizons, and the emergence of
classicality. The unification of the quantum foam structure of
space with the quantum nature of matter amounts to the discovery of
quantum gravity. Gravity is essentially an in-flow effect associated
with the loss of information. A new theory of gravity for the
classical limit is proposed, and shown to pass the key tests. A
detailed analysis of various experiments demonstrates that absolute
motion with respect to this space of quantum foam has been observed
experimentally by Michelson and Morley, Miller, Illingworth, DeWitte
and others. The Dayton Miller and Roland DeWitte data also reveal
the in-flow of space into matter which manifests as gravity. The
in-flow also manifests turbulence and the experimental data confirms
this as well, which amounts to the observation of a gravitational
wave phenomena. The Einstein assumptions leading to the Special and
General Theory of Relativity are shown to be falsified by the
extensive experimental data. Contrary to the Einstein assumptions
absolute motion is consistent with relativistic effects, which are
caused by actual dynamical effects of absolute motion through the
quantum foam, so that it is Lorentzian relativity that is seen to be
essentially correct. The success of this new physics has profound
implications for our comprehension of reality.

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