Re: Running all the programs

From: Eric Hawthorne <>
Date: Sat, 24 May 2003 11:06:43 -0700

Maybe it is a naive point of view, but I tend to think of
all the bit strings (up to finite length or infinite, I don't know)
as being "out there" all at once. When I say all of them, I mean
all of the possible configurations of bits of these bitstring lengths,
simultaneously "sub-existing"**. So then, if that is the case,
all possible computations don't "happen or not" or "be executed"
or not because the concept of the execution of a program is just a limited
perspective-view of a subset of all the co-existing info-states.
"Program execution"
is an IMPORTANT perspective-view (describes IMPORTANT subsets of
state-evolution-space or state-co-subexistence-space) because it tells
us something
about constraints on sequences of states that can be meaningful and
systematic and "existing"**. i.e. They must be based on incremental,
local changes
to states. (i.e. programmatic-style changes to states.)

Just thought I'd throw that into the mix again. It's not as vague as it
sounds if you read it
REALLY carefully. Not sure how it mixes with all the rigorous math stuff
you do.
**Fully credentialled "existence" in my view, is a property of
emergent systems within the "sub-existing" information-potential substrate.
The "existence" property (of systems (system-views) within the
has to do with consistency, continuity, energy regime capable of
generating stable
complex systems with emergent simplicities etc.

> It depends what you mean by "running programs". Suppose for simplicity
> that each infinite binary sequence is an "infinite program". If you
> accept that
> running a prefix like 10101100001, where each 1 and 0 are seen as
> instruction,
> is a way to run at once all the programs which begins by that prefix,
> then you
> can give a sense to dovetailing execution on uncountable set of
> infinite programs.
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