Re: Multiverse Theory

From: Hal Finney <>
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 18:40:12 -0700

Norman Samish writes:
> I have trouble with Dr. Tegmark's statement: "The simplest and most =
> popular cosmological model today predicts that you have a twin in a =
> galaxy about 10 to the 10^28 meters from here." This is the first I've =
> heard of such a cosmological model.

If we imagine infinite and homogeneous space (i.e. everywhere is pretty
much the same as here as far as its characteristics, density of matter,
etc.), then if you go far enough you'll find another region which is
very similar to ours.

If you go really, really far you can find a huge region which is
observationally identical to ours. I think that's what Tegmark has
in mind.

Current cosmological models predict either that space is homogeneous or
that it at least as an infinite number of sub-regions whose properties
are about the same as ours, so the rest follows.

Hal Finney
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