Re: NYT (Op-Ed) on Multiverse Theory

From: Eric Hawthorne <>
Date: Sun, 13 Apr 2003 10:09:52 -0700

It may be impossible to "access" any direct evidence of the existence
of a multiverse,
if for example the theory says there can be no communication between
universes in
the multiverse.

However, it could be that a "multiverse theory" is the "occam's razor"
explanation for the way our single universe is.

It could also be that a multiverse theory could be falsifiable (and thus
of the form of
a legitimate scientific theory.) The theory could posit that, if things
are "this particular multiverse way",
then things must be "this particular way" in every universe. Thus if we
find evidence that
things are "not that way" in this universe, we have falsified that
particular multiverse theory.

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