everything exists in the multiverse

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Date: Wed, 12 Mar 2003 15:56:55 +0100

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> Onderwerp: Re: Parmenides' Principle
> However, no where in the
> multiverse is the charge on an electron 4 Coulombs. Somewhere in the
> plentitude, however, there are 4 coulomb charged electrons, but in what
> sense can we say that those worlds, those electrons, physically exist

 These worlds do exist within the multiverse, because they are formally
 describable, and can thus be simulated using a computer. You can be 100%
 sure that somewhere in the multiverse a computer exists that performs the
 simulation of this world. The so-called Harry Pottter worlds thus also
 exist. You may object by saying that the inhabitants of such a world are
 embedded within the ordinary multiverse, but to the observers living in an
 embedded Harry Potter universe the ``real world´´ is not physically

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