Deterministic Laws of Nature?

From: Saibal Mitra <>
Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 13:24:51 +0100

Determinism beneath Quantum Mechanics
Author: Gerard 't Hooft (Spinoza Institute, Utrecht University)
Comments: Conf. Proceedings, "Quo Vadis Quantum Mechanics", Philadelphia,
2002, 12 pages, 1 figure Postscript
Report-no: ITP-02/69; SPIN-2002/45

Contrary to common belief, it is not difficult to construct deterministic
models where stochastic behavior is correctly described by quantum
mechanical amplitudes, in precise accordance with the Copenhagen-Bohr-Bohm
doctrine. What is difficult however is to obtain a Hamiltonian that is
bounded from below, and whose ground state is a vacuum that exhibits
complicated vacuum fluctuations, as in the real world.
Beneath Quantum Mechanics, there may be a deterministic theory with (local)
information loss. This may lead to a sufficiently complex vacuum state, and
to an apparent non-locality in the relation between the deterministic
("ontological") states and the quantum states, of the kind needed to explain
away the Bell inequalities.
Theories of this kind would not only be appealing from a philosophical point
of view, but may also be essential for understanding causality at Planckian
distance scales.
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