Infinite computing;self-organization

From: James N Rose <>
Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 19:58:39 -0800

Here is a line of reasoning that is a frontal
assault on extant (inadequate) AI paradigms
conjoined with the question of 'self-organization'
shining a light of awareness on -the important-
Turing/computation question that .. comes AFTER ..
the Halting Problem:

Self-organization .. which themata includes
inside-to-out emergent productivity .. AND
COVALENTLY .. sensitive adaptability to/with
any/all external effective information and
energy .. is one on one isomorphic with the
one important behavior that comes after any
resolution of a 'halting problem' - and therefore
supercedes it:

Can a (computational) system which 'halts'
[for any reason whatsoever] .. restart or
re-initiate itself? Even if to deal with
or process an entirely different question
or computation.

There is no self-organization if there is an absense
of capacity to function sans external inputs.

The Halting Problem is a minor issue compared with
"ReActivation Capacity?".

But interestingly, because the question of
ReActivation Capacity subsumes a greater scope
of event space (information) than any given
instantiation of the Halting Problem, there are
more informational resources that can be brought
to bear on 'the question', so essentially,
the ReActivation Capacity issue is easier to
answer - in the general, if not in the particular.

Another way of juxtaposing the above questions is to
bring in the relationship: relevance (opportunistic

If a computation would take longer than the age of the
universe .. why would it/anyone bother instantiating the
computation? It wouldn't just be a waste of energy,
it would be an abuse of it. And any self-relevant system
worth its own respect wouldn't engage in the effort.

Self-organization - as a global themata - has to include
additionally any and all co-habitation of any possible
emergents coming out of self-organizing events (at and
among any and all tiers of activities). And such products
must be prior, current and forward, relatable .. in order
for 'self-organization' to be a wholly self-consistent

Therefore, Halting may or may not occur in given
local event spaces, but, Activation/ReActivation
-will- occur as long as relation and relational relevance
is an a priori priority to 'existence'.

Jamie Rose
Ceptual Institute
Feb 10, 2003
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