Re: [quant-ph-0212078] What is the speed of quantum information

From: Stephen Paul King <>
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2003 14:03:48 -0500

Dear Bruno,

    What I would very much like to understand is why your modelizations only
seem to include the natural numbers. Why do you not seem to allow for the
entire Cantorian hierarchy of ordinals and cardinals? This, of course,
neglects the fundamental problem that some people have, such as myself, with
the use of Platonia to "explain away" quantities such as mass, charge and
angular momentum. What I would like to know, in addition to the above
question, is how do you answer Stephen Hawking's (?) question: "What breaths
fire into the equations"? or my version: How are the solutions to all
possible mathematical equations computed?

Kindest regards,


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> David Deutsch wrote:
> >The quantum theory of computation is the theory of all abstract tasks
> >that can be performed by physical systems. As I just said, it is
> >pointless to invent some other class of abstract tasks and call them
> >'computations'.
> Unless one is foolish enough dreaming to explain what *is*
> a physical system from the notion of natural numbers, which, in the mind
> of some platonist, is a simpler notion.
> Bruno
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