Re: Many Fermis Revisited

From: George Levy <>
Date: Mon, 13 Jan 2003 10:47:06 -0800

Tim, Hal, Russell

Since we have several futures ( and several pasts), time travel is just
a particular case of many-world travel.

Here is a (white) hared brained idea on how to build a time machine. You
need a very good recording device and a Quantum Suicide (QS) machine.
        1) You allow the recorder to operate for a prolonged period of
time and record everything in the universe within an given degree of
        2) You select a past where you would like to go and send the
corresponding data to a QS machine.
        3) The QS machine then restricts your consciousness to follow a
path in the manyworld leading to the reconstruction of the selected past
within the tolerance provided by the recording machine. This path must
go through a series of worlds logically consistent with your
consciousness to eventually reach the world you desire. This is
navigation in the manyworld! (it reminds me of the sci-fi author Zelazny).

Result of the time travel is the *extreme* reduction in relative measure
of the time traveler. This is why time travelers are not observable.
Time travel can only work if there is a recording already in existence.
Thus, time travelers cannot go before the recording machine was turned on.

Of course, beside time travel, several other forms of manyworld travel
are possible, ie., going to alternate pasts, alternate presents,
improbable futures, fantasy worlds, etc...

If this idea has any merit this is why space travelers are not
observable either. It provides a form of cosmic censorship. By reducing
their measure through QS and the likes, advanced aliens just evolve out
of existence in our world!

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