Re: Quantum Suicide without suicide

From: Eric Hawthorne <>
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003 21:38:47 -0800

George Levy wrote:

> Conclusions:
> All this involves really basic probability theory.
> The first person perspective probability is identical to the
> probability conditional to the person staying alive.

But that first-person probability is not objective, and not valid, and
not useful.
Consider this from a purely pragmatic point of view. (Not a formal
argument per say.)
A person must consider the (non-zero) objective probability that they
will die (and be then non-existent) (if they do this or that action). If
people did not account for the probability
that they will die if they do a foolish act, then they will probably
die. Their subjective
1st person sense of probability is naively optimistic and not a survival
trait. If
a person acts with that kind of probability belief in every possible
world, they will
reduce their measure beyond measure. Surely there is something incorrect
a probability view which has that detrimental effect on one's measure.
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