Re: Universes infinite in time

From: Eric Hawthorne <>
Date: Thu, 09 Jan 2003 18:48:18 -0800

Bruno Marchal wrote:

> For example they will correctly
> infer some standard model particle theory from they high level
> experimentations, but as soon they will build particle accelerator
> to verify their theories, discrepancies will appear (just because
> we have not simulate the society-world at such a detailed level.
> So now those researchers can infer that they are simulated at some
> different reality level. But this is what we don't want. So let us
> add a subroutine which observes the researchers, and each time
> reserachers find (serious) discrepancies, the subroutine freezes
> the researchers and refines their level of reality.

...and there is another theory which says this has
already happened... D. Adams.
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