Re: A moderated everything-list substitute (was: Re: Provably exponential time algorithms)

From: Hal Finney <>
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 14:26:54 -0800

Duraid writes:
> Reject, in increasing order of brutality:
> - Anything copied verbatim where a URL would suffice
> - Answers to questions that can be found with 5 minutes and an
> internet connection
> - Questions with answers that can be found with 5 minutes and an internet
> connection
> - Anything wildly off-topic
> - Anything incredibly verbose
> - Anything _obviously_ false, stupid, or trivial ("maybe knot theory has
> something to do with gravity waves!!!! INTERESTING STUFF!!!")
> - Anything painfully self-centered ("_my_ new theory of X can answer this
> question so easily!! just look: (45KB of incomprehensible rambling follows))
> - Spam

Maybe you could look at the list archive at
and say which posts from, say, December 30th and 31st you would reject.
(Or, if the list would be shorter, you could say which posts in that
period you would keep!)

I realize that is quite a few postings, but if your list were to be
as active as this one, then you as the moderator would be faced with
making that many decisions on a regular basis. Since you are willing
to do that much work I assume that it is not much additional trouble to
rate the postings from just a couple of days.

Hal Finney
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