Re: Quantum Probability and Decision Theory

From: Jesse Mazer <>
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 14:51:54 -0500

Stephen Paul King wrote:

>> >Dear Jesse,
>> >
>> > Please read the below referenced paper. It shows that QM comp *CAN*
>> >"solve an undecidable problem"
>> > (relative to a classical computer)."
>>Where does it say that?
> In the abstract of
>Please read this paper. It explains the basis of my claim.

Apologies, I hadn't even read the entire abstract so I didn't notice that
they went on to argue that Feynman's conclusion was wrong. Still, I think
that their proposal is something different from the usual notion of a
"quantum computer", since I was under the impression that people like
Feynman and Deutsch had already shown definitively that a quantum computer
cannot solve any classically-unsolvable problems. I'll leave it to others
who understand this paper better than I to discuss the merits of this new


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