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here's the url for RS's article he just cited from the neat
online journal "complexity int'l", sep 2001

I may write up some reactions to the paper.

I would be interested in other views on emergence. here is
one set of article also making the rounds by laughlin, nobel
prize winning physicist.

reductionistic particle physicists are being challenged by solid
state physicists for the definitive metaphor of reality.
on laughlin (nobel prize winner) & pines' shot across the
bow of particle & reductionistic physics

the theory of everything, by laughlin, proc. nat. acad. sci, vol 97 #1

the middle way, by laughlin, PNAS, vol 97 #1

RS abstract

On complexity and emergence

                            Standish, R. K.

            Numerous definitions for complexity have been proposed over
            the last half century, with little consensus achieved on
            how to use the term. A definition of complexity is supplied
            here that is closely related to the Kolmogorov Complexity
            and Shannon Entropy measures widely used as complexity
            measures, yet addresses a number of concerns raised against
            these measures. However, the price of doing this is to
            introduce context dependence into the definition of
            complexity. It is argued that such context dependence is an
            inherent property of complexity, and related concepts such
            as entropy and emergence. Scientists are uncomfortable with
            such context dependence, which smacks of subjectivity, and
            this is perhaps the reason why little agreement has been
            found on the meaning of these terms.
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