Re: Algorithmic Revolution?

From: H J Ruhl <>
Date: Thu, 21 Nov 2002 00:23:13 -0800

At 11/21/02, you wrote:

>The clockwork
>universe was shown to be wrong with Qunatum Mechanics. My gut feeling
>is that the computer universe will also be shown to be wrong.

In my view there are two types of universes. Type 1 have internal rules of
state succession that are like computers - UD's and the like could generate
them. Type 2 have rules that have a degree of "do not care" in
determining the valid next state and this "do not care" component is a
channel to an external random oracle. However, I attempt to show in my
approach that Type 1 are also subject to the external random oracle but the
channel differs.

This means that all universes have open logic systems and can have
exploding cows and other white rabbit events.

I believe ours to be a Type 2 universe with a rule set that allows few
rabbit events of a macro nature and many of a micro nature.

I suspect that in some aspects we agree. I also think that Bruno's UDA to
the extent I think I understand it is a candidate for one of a Type 1
universe's channels to the external random oracle. I believe Juergen's
work to be a candidate for the rule set of some Type 1 universes.

However, I see no bias towards one type or the other in terms of quantity
or in terms of any any other system wide measure.

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