Rucker's Infinity, Tegmark's TOE, and Cantor's Absolute Infinity

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Date: Tue, 3 Sep 2002 00:31:00 EDT

I am a new member of this group as of 09/01/02. I read Hal Finney's and
others comments regarding Rucker's Infinity and the Mind which I have read
several times. I also am aware of Max Tegmark's TOE and I have read much of
the material related to Georg Cantor's transfinite numbers. I have a question
regarding these individuals' work. I hope someone can present their opinions
on this subject.

First, Max Tegmark (U. of Penna.) has proposed a TOE that all Mathematical
Structures have Mathematical Existence and, in addition, also have Physical
Existence in the form of other universes. Max has told me that all the
Surreal numbers have concomitant existence with regards to being both a
Mathematical Structure and also having Mathematical/Physical existence. My
question is this: Is there a one-to-one correspondence between the
Mathematical Structure for "Absolute Infinity" studied by Cantor and
mentioned by Rucker and the Physical Existence proposed by Tegmark for his
TOE. In other words, does Cantor's Absolute Infinity not only have
Mathematical Existence; but, does it also have Physical Existence in terms of
the total number of universes?

In addition, does the proper class, surreal numbers, also have other proper
classes beyond it which have Mathematical Existence and, therefore, Physical

Thank you for your help!!!


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