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   You are correct. Moreover, my position is stronger than you imply. I am not only 'unimpressed', I think that Modal logic is just another path into woo-woo land.

terry savage

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>> In an earlier note, (Re:Impossibilities,08/02/2002, 9:26) I made some dismissive comments about the terms 'possibility' and 'necessity'. For reasons I don't quite understand, these were forwarded to Bruno Marchal. Bruno, in turn, responded with views of his own, (via, Lennart Nilsson, Fw:Am I a Token or a Type, 08/06/2002, 8:07) and suggested (politely) that I was behind the times in the study of Modal Logic. He was right. <<


    But when all the dust settles, I take it, you remain unimpressed with Modal Logic as a means to advance our understanding of language, or science?

    Chris S.

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