Re: modal logic and possible worlds

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 16:46:13 +0200

Wei Dai wrote:
Thank you for the explanation on S4, IL, and CL. I'm interested in
more details, but rather than bombarding you with endless questions, can
you suggest a book on this topic? Something that talks about
what you just did, but in more detail?

Try perhaps the book by Van Dalen at Springer Verlag. It is good for
CL and IL.
For modal logic there is the excellent book by Chellas.
CHELLAS Brian F., Modal Logic an introduction, Cambridge University
Press 1980. But Boolos 1979 or 1993 introduces well both modal
logic and provability theory (the G, G* logics).

Unfortunately I'm still not able to understand much of your second post
yesterday. I continue to hope you will put all of your ideas into English
in an organized form, whether as a paper or a book. Why don't you
translate your Ph.D. thesis into English, expand it into a book, and
publish it? (Like Nick Bostrom did with his thesis, except it was already
in English.)

My PhD Thesis presupposes ALL the logical and computer-science stuff
and presupposes the physicist motivations. So a translation of
my thesis would not help more than my english paper (CC&Q) and probably
less than our conversation on the net.
Perhaps I should translate my "brussels thesis/technical report". It is
more self-contained (yet not completely) but then it makes 800 pages, and
my experience is that people reading it loose the track or the line of the
I am hoping making some technical progress to be able to write some
intermediate presentation.
In any case, thank you very much for what I take as encouragement.

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