Re: Some books on category and topos theory

From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Tue, 16 Jul 2002 10:50:50 +0200

At 12:24 -0700 9/07/2002, Tim May wrote:

>Whether knots are the key to physics, I can't say. Certainly there
>are suggestive notions that particles might be some kind of knots in
>spacetime (of some dimensionality)...

Interesting! Chromosomes make knots, also.
But my reading of Louis Kauffman, a great enthusiast and a great pedagogue,
makes me believe that knots could be much more:

   -Knots could be "type" of multiverse! (multi-histories "skeleton").

Much more:

   -Invariant of knots could be quantum statistical abstract physical theories!

As you know perhaps I get a proof that with the comp hyp, the mind-body problem
is partially reduced into a derivation of physics from machine's psychology:
poetically: physical realities is a web of infinite machine dreams(*).

Machine's psychology can be approximated (at least) by the many possible
intensionnal (modal) variant of the Godel Lob logic of Self-reference
(restricted to the \Sigma_1 arithmetical sentences (= genuily accessible
by the Universal Dovetailer when true)).
This gives the Z logics. Normaly the Z logics should give ... a skeleton
of physical theories. Knots will perhaps provide the missing link.

Knots would give a shortcut between comp psychology and
quantum physics (or quantum psychology?).
Toposes and monoidal/braided categories are most probably
important part of the big drama in the middle term run.

Aaaaaaaah... knots are so cute, also :-)
(I'm afraid I am not vaccinated against the mathematical sirens, perhaps)


(*) IN case you are interested, here are relevant links to a step by step
version of the basic uda proof (conversation with Joel Dobrzelewski):

UDA step 1
UDA step 2-6
UDA step 7 8
UDA step 9 10
UDA last question
Joel 1-2-3
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