Re: "Morality" in a Block Multiverse

From: scerir <>
Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 22:13:42 +0200

> >[still not an Everettista] :-)

> Still not? Even after this nice presentation of (quantum) teleportation
> in the MW view?

Because I think that MWI does not eliminate subjectivism. But,
perhaps, an Everettista may assume the existence of a universal
consciousness, to avoid the fact that different observers see
different components, in the "same" (if this has a meaning) experiment.
I also think (well J. Bell wrote this) that MWI presupposes (branching)
a time asymmetry, a time arrow which is not existent in QM (without
the measurement or the collapse). But I also think that it is exactly
this asymmetry, this irreversibility which prevents communications
or interferences between different "worlds".

> Do you know the paper by Peres

No, I'll read it. Thanks.

> But Peres concludes its paper by insisting on keeping the Copenhague
> view. It's quite mysterious.

Well, Peres in his book (page 374) wrote a chapter named "Everett's
interpretation and other bizarre theories". His point is that MWI "merely
replace the arbitrariness of the collapse postulate by that of the
no-communication hypothesis".

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