Re: relevant probability distribution

From: Matthieu Walraet <>
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2002 12:47:46 +0200

On 15 Jun 2002, at 14:27, Russell Standish wrote:
> No the issue concerns any conscious "program", rather than any
> particular one. The fact that there are vastly more amoeba than homo
> sapiens tends to argue against amoebae being consious.

This remind me of Jack Vance novels "Alastor".
One of the characters is the king that rules over a vast area of the
galaxy. He likes to travel incognito among his subjects, and he often ask
himself the question: "There is billions of men and only one king. How is
it possible that it happens that I am the king ?"

Do your position about this is that subjects are not conscious, only kings?

>From a third-person point of view (the reader of the novel), the question
is simple. There is billions of subjects, and they can all ask themselves
"Why I am me and not someone else ?".

The problem is we have only a first-person point of view on our universe
(or on the "everything"). We must use our imagination, to do thought
experiments, to get a third-person point of view.

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