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From: Bruno Marchal <>
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2002 19:50:00 +0200

Hi Saibal,

At 0:26 +0200 1/06/2002, Saibal Mitra wrote:
>I think that statistical physics, and especially renormalization group
>techniques, are essential if one wishes to derive the physics that we
>observe from abstract concepts like a measure defined on a set of computer

As I said I agree with you. But do you really mean a measure defined
on a set of computer programs, or a set of computer program *states*?

In my setting it is the latter although it can and must eventually lead
to a measure on consistent *sequences* of computer program states.
(This is reminiscent of the passage made by Isham going from the Quantum
logics of states to the quantum logics of histories).

The states must be considered also as seen by the machines themselves,
should I add. cf the 1-person/3-person distinction (which I attempt to
capture by the variant of self-reference logics.

I said we meet but of course we are not yet at the Stanley-Livingston Junction,
but let us say we each begin to appear on our respective horizon :)


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