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From: Russell Standish <>
Date: Thu, 21 Feb 2002 11:33:29 +1100 (EST)

The information is contained within the Anthropic Principle
itself. Resource constraints that any observer must have impose a bias
towards simpler descriptions - that is the thrust of Alistair's and my
argument. Without the AP, the Everything is indeed devoid of any
structure whatsoever. I never understood why you persevere in denying
a place for the AP.


H J Ruhl wrote:
> Dear Alastair:
> I think you still miss the thrust of my comment.
> As directly as I can say it:
> The Everything is the ensemble of all counterfactuals.
> The counterfactuals cancel out resulting in no information in the Everything.
> The Everything and the Nothing are cancelling counterfactuals and thus are
> in the ensemble.
> The Everything is a member of itself.
> So:
> The Everything contains infinitely many [uncountably so] nested copies of
> itself. Thus it contains an uncountable number of logical venues [its
> nested selves].
> Therefore:
> All types of universes are present an uncountably infinite number of times
> in any of the nested Everythings.
> That is there is no preponderance [an extrinsic property of a universe]
> information in keeping with a definition of an Everything as information free.
> This seems to comply with NAP since the logical reason for the above is to
> maintain the zero information mantra.
> Either there is a reason why we are in this kind of universe beyond pure
> chance or there is not. If there is then where did that information come
> from if there is no information in the ensemble?
> Hal
> At 2/20/02, you wrote:
> >The condition given at the start of the appendix is of one copy per
> >(logically possible) unit combination. Section 2 of the paper deals with
> >the various possible cases of copies.
> >
> >Alastair

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