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From: Alastair Malcolm <>
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2002 10:08:52 -0000

Thanks for your comments - the 'difficulty' that you refer to is none other
than the White Rabbit problem, on which there has been much discussion in
this forum. My own approach addresses the problem from the standpoint of all
logical possibilities (rather than any particular model or set of rules),
which can make the problem non-trivial to solve.


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> I see no reason why any difficulty along this line arises in the first
> In my model all evolving universes have rules of state succession that
> allow some degree of true noise entering the universe at each transition.
> In this venue there would be an infinite number of universes that have
> rules with low randomness in large and medium [many many bits] "events",
> substantial randomness in moderately small [moderate number of bits]
> "events", and a sharp roll off in the number of the very smallest [one
> "events".
> This seems a decent description of universes like ours and there would be
> an infinite number of them. The same number as for any style of universe.
> Hal
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