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Date: Fri Jan 18 08:04:38 2002

You are not helping me Saibal! I was just recovering
from a terrible new quant-phys crisis!
(My last crisis get me stuck in papers by Yu Shi on the
quantum halting problem, quite difficult).
I mean I have just read about a hundred quantum computing
or quantum information paper. I have so much comment that
I will perhaps send a quant-phys paper myself (and then
gives the reference to the lists for those who want
discussed it). There has been a lot of formidable discoveries
showing QM is much more weird that simple entanglement
could have let us believe, like new form of non locality
without entanglement to name just one.
Have you seen the paper by Freedman? I begin to realise
that all TOE are equivalent to Universal Quantum Machine,
and that the mind-body problem is equivalent to explaining
a natural connection between Classical Universal Machine
and Quantum Universal Machine.
Teleportation and other "classical" part of a quantum computer
like those described by operators in Clifford Algebra are
more and more important imo (Gordon is right!).

Just to name a beautiful paper any many-worlder should
read and meditate: "Quantum mechanical histories and the
Berry phase", by Anastopoulos and Savvidou.

That berry phase is an intriguing fundamental and general
feature of the quantum. It makes me believe (through
universal topological quantum computing, cf Freedman) that
a lot of new form of general fault-tolerant (robust) quantum
machine are possible ...

The bad news is that we will be obliged to revised
our (non commutative) geometry!



PS For those who does not know the quant-phys archive, to
find those papers, search with the name (like
Freedman, Anastopoulos, ...) on the quant-phys archive:
or with subject like "berry", "teleportation".

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>High Energy Physics - Theory, abstract
>From: Stephen Blaha <>
>Date: Mon, 14 Jan 2002 21:57:12 GMT (634kb)
>A Quantum Computer Foundation for the Standard Model and SuperString Theories
>Authors: Stephen Blaha
>Comments: 78 pages, PDF
> We show the Standard Model and SuperString Theories can be naturally
>based on a Quantum Computer foundation. The Standard Model of elementary
>particles can be viewed as defining a Quantum Computer Grammar and
>language. A Quantum Computer in a certain limit naturally forms a
>Superspace upon which Supersymmetry rotations can be defined - a Continuum
>Quantum Computer. Quantum high-level computer languages such as Quantum C
>and Quantum Assembly language are also discussed. In these new linguistic
>representations, particles become literally symbols or letters, and
>particle interactions become grammar rules. This view is NOT the same as
>the often-expressed view that Mathematics is the language of Physics. Some
>new developments relating to Quantum Computers and Quantum Turing Machines
>are also described.
>Paper: PDF only
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