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From: Matthieu Walraet <>
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 23:42:18 +0100


Instead of replying too quickly to a mail, maybe I should introduce myself
I'm a 28 years old network software engineer.

I have exchanged some mails with Bruno Marchal quite a long time ago, after
an article in "Pour la Science" (french edition of "Scientific American".)
I also have read his thesis : "Computability, Physics and Cognition".

I'm a science-fiction reader and Greg Egan fan. I have found "everything"
list from Egan's web site.

I agree with Max Tegmark statement : that mathematical objets exist, "self-
aware substructures" of these objets perceive their environment as real and
this is why we imagine that our universe is real.

I don't see why a "measure" is needed. I'm not sure such a measure could be
intrinsically defined. I will try to argue about this later.

I hope I don't get you bored with things you have already spoken about a
thousand times.

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