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Date: Tue, 1 Jan 2002 15:58:57 +1100 (EST)

Wei Dai wrote:
> I'm curious about a couple of other things. How many people in the world
> claim to understand AUDA? How did you get interested in provability logic?

I claim to understand it, and believe it demonstrates a necessity for
first person indeterminancy in a 3rd person determinate universe...

It doesn't rest on knowledge of modal logic...

Modal logic is used to derive a form of Schroedinger's equation from
the particular COMP hypothesis put forward by Bruno. As best I can
work it out, Bruno shows that an appropriate formalisation of
knowledge generates a logic system that has been identified by someone
else as "Quantum Logic".

Unfortunately, I failed to see how knowledge could be formalised,
although I appreciate (after some discussions with Bruno) that there
is a long tradition of doing this sort of thing going back to the
Ancients. I am also not familiar with literature of "Quantum Logic" to
know precisely what the result entails.

However, I do know that starting with a very similar (although I would
venture to say marginally more general) hypothesis, I was able to
generate the concrete form of Quantum Theory, without the need of
modal logic, rather just some elementary notions of set theory and
probability. I don't know what this result really entails - it could
be that QM, as a theory, has very little content!

This, as you know, is written up in "Why Occam's Razor", which has now
been rejected from its 4th journal, without much of a concrete
criticism. I am appreciating, with full force, Kuhnian dynamics!

I should mention, parenthetically, that I do assume the Anthropic
Principle, something which Bruno has misgivings about. But, so far,
this has been the only real criticism of the work.

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