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From: George Levy <>
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2001 11:45:37 -0800

This is interesting. Is it possible to transmit information from the
future to the past? If yes, how would this information be restricted?


scerir wrote:
> > Saibal Mitra
> > Now there exists a class of universes,
> > with a very low measure, in which the
> > laws of physics are such that I am
> > guaranteed to win.
> There is also the interesting class of TSQT.
> Quantum theory is time symmetric as long as it can be
> described by the evolution of a state vector according
> to the Schroedinger equation. But as soon as measurement
> and wave function collapse are involved, the symmetry
> breaks down.
> But in the Time Symmetrized Quantum Theory (TSQT) it is
> argued that information propagating in a time reversed
> direction from future measurements can provide
> information about appropriately selected systems (!!!).
> Ensembles of such sustems are referred to as
> "pre-selected" and "post-selected".
> The basic claim of TSQT is that a fundamental time symmetry
> applies to the interval between two ideal measurements.
> According to TSQT the quantum state of a system,
> between two measurements occurring at times t1 and t2,
> contains information based not only on the initial
> measurement (pre-selection) but also on the final
> measurement (post-selection).
> Aharonov, Bergman and Lebowitz (ABL) invented the
> well-known time symmetric formalism for describing
> quantum systems between two complete measurements.
> Does TSQT ensures or forbids your win?
> Regards,
> -s.
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