Re: Travelling to a different universe

From: Marchal <>
Date: Wed Dec 26 04:47:04 2001

Brent meeker wrote:

>On 25-Dec-01, Saibal Mitra wrote:
>> Charles Goodwin wrote:
>>> Or are you claiming that repeated quantum suicide attempts increase the
>> chances
>>> that you are a computer simulation?
>> Yes that is what I claim.
>> That would only occur if there was some sort
>>> of cul-de-sac (assuming you *start* from a physical instantiation, at
>> least). If
>>> you are physically instantiated at some point in time, all physical
>>> instantiations must end in a cul-de-sac before you can 'travel' to a
>> universe in
>>> which you are a computer simulation.
>> Why? If your brain were replaced by a digital one, you would still be the
>> same person. If I made a digital version of you and let the biological
>> version of you live on, then there would be a 50% chance you would end up as
>> the digital person.
>[Brent Meeker]I'm not sure what to make of such statements. It seems to
>me there's a 100% chance Charles would end up as both.
>Are you positing a supernatural soul that's *really* Charles and can only
>be in one of the two physical 'brains'?

Suppose you are right and that there is a 100% chance Charles end up at
So, let us ask both "Charles" after the construction of the digital
was done. I ask first the biological version: "which way do you feel
ending up?" or more simply "are you the biological or the digital?"
Bio-Charles makes at this point some medical observation on itself and
discovers he is the biological: so for him it was just false to say that
he has end up as both.
Let us ask the same question "are you the biological or the digital?" to
the digital Techno-Charles. As expected, Techno-Charles makes some
observation on itself and discovers he is the digital one. So for him too,
it was just false to say that he should have end up as both.
The indeterminacy here is the first person indeterminacy. Note that
each Charles get one bit of information after they have completed
the medical observation. And this follows from NOT positing supernatural
soul to Charles but just simple memory retrieval ability and the ability
of reading his medical observation report ...
(Of course from a third person perspective everything remains
here and Charles end up as both, but prediction can be verified and
aknowledged only from a first person point of view with or without quantum
or comp suicide).

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