Re: Travelling to a different universe

From: Saibal Mitra <>
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001 13:39:57 +0100

I don't see why one would want to go back, but there are still copies left in ordinary universes, there are universes in which the probability to win will return to normal after a while. One should thus be able to go back using a suicide machine. Also one could use memory erasure to go back.


John Mikes wrote:

  OK, Saibal Mitra, you won. Are you happy now? Can you ever go back?
  John Mikes
    Suppose that every week I subject myself to a suicide experiment. I use a suicide machine to win that weeks lottery. After a few years I will have won hundreds of times in succession.

    Now there exists a class of universes, with a very low measure, in which the laws of physics are such that I am guaranteed to win. The probability that I find myself in such a universe will have increased substantially after each experiment. After a few years I will be sure to live in such a universe. It would be easy to check, all I would have to do is to buy a ticket and see if I have won without using the suicide machine.

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