Re: Travelling to a different universe

From: Saibal Mitra <>
Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2001 12:59:57 +0100

I had the set of all possible universes in mind. But, as I wrote earlier (in
August), the set of all possible universes is contained in the MWI. The
reason is that there is a nonzero probability that you are be simulated by a
computer. This computer could run any program.


Charles Goodwin wrote:

> I can't see this. For one thing, you can't 'travel' to other universes
> different laws of physics, at least not according to the MWI. More to the
> assuming quantum suicide works, you will find yourself in one of the sheaf
> universes which has split off from the one you started in. This is true
> according to MWI, but if you also use quantum suicide you limit your
> to a small subset of that sheaf (the subset in which you won the lottery,
> example). Since you only experience universes which are physically
> continuers of the universe you started in, you keep the same laws of
> So - you can't journey to a universe in which the laws of physics are X by
> quantum suicide to select versions of yourself for which X is true; you
can only
> limit your existence to universes in which X happens to be true.
> ....Always assuming that quantum suicide actually works (as Larry Niven
> about the matter transmitter which destroys you at point A and creates a
> copy at point B, "I wouldn't ride in the damn thing").
> Charles
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> > Suppose that every week I subject myself to a suicide experiment. I use
> suicide machine to win that weeks lottery. After a few years I will have
> hundreds of times in succession.
> >
> > Now there exists a class of universes, with a very low measure, in
which the
> laws of physics are such that I am guaranteed to win. The probability that
> find myself in such a universe will have increased substantially after
> experiment. After a few years I will be sure to live in such a universe.
> would be easy to check, all I would have to do is to buy a ticket and see
if I
> have won without using the suicide machine.
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> > Saibal
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