Re: What would you decide?

From: Marchal <>
Date: Wed Nov 21 03:41:59 2001

Wei wrote:

>I think it's because I was hoping someone would rephrase your ideas in a
>way that's easier to understand. I think partly the problem is that you've
>written so many posts that I couldn't read them all. Partly, what I do
>understand from your writings don't seem useful for the problems I'm most
>interested in so I haven't spent a lot of effort in trying to understand
>your ideas. Partly, unlike the other authors you didn't have an English
>paper that presents your ideas together. Although I see on your home page
>now you do have a paper titled "Computation, Consciousness and the
>Quantum", so that should be helpful. I'll get back to your other points
>after reading this.

Thank you Wei. Take your time. Thanks also to George Levy:

>Arrow(English) -> fleche (French) -> flesh (English) -> chair (French)
>-> chair (English) -> banc (French) -> bank (English) -> bord (French)
>-> board (English) -> ...

>Blague(French) -> Trick(English) -> Trique(French) -> Whip (English)

It reminds me the translation of Ronsard "L'esprit est fort mais
La chair est faible" (The mind is powerful but the flesh is weak)
which has been translated in english by some computer program by
"le whisky est bon mais la viande n'est pas bonne" that is
The whisky is good but the meat has bad taste!


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