Re: Article: The Parallel Universes of David Deutsch

From: Marchal <>
Date: Wed Nov 7 08:33:56 2001

Gordon wrote:

>[Gordon]I think what I was getting at was how Humans get this not Comp
>however I know where you are coming from but I think you have put your
>self into a corner because it is hard to prove your right?

You know where I am coming from? Where I am coming from?

Also, I don't feel myself into a corner but the mathematical questions I
raise seems hard to my poor brain );

>[Gordon]If it helps there is the idea of the Formless Physical that
>carry Active information in order to form events.I am not against your
>idea totally in fact I am trying to help expand it for it may give
>insight to either MWI or yours or something else?

Yeah. Let us try trusting the ideas. We can always put them
in a trash later!

>[Gordon]So what is Threeness?

A Mystery between Twoness and Fourness which can be apparently
instanciated in many histories, and handled in many ways
by many sort of UMs. (Universal Machines).

>[Gordon]It may be true but this line of Argument is not getting any
>where,now that why I follow a different path that is not just comp.Ans
>who knows it may then lead to Yours idea and perhaps prove it or it may
>go somewhere else.

Here I disagree because "just comp" entails the reversal so that it
is not really a matter of choice "once comp". (Cf UDA, ...).

>[Gordon]I would say it is we Humans who apply Bivalent Logic.It is hard
>to tell where our maps end and Reality begins?

I guess I am only a naive optimist platonist, but I would like to bet
that all polite extraterrestrial use bivalent logic in their scientific

What definitely convinces me of the interest and importance of
NON classical logics has been most of the time by the richness of their
classical models. (I hope (extra)terrestrials does not apply classical
logic in their private life!).

Our maps defined accessible orthogonal realities.

>> [Gordon]True I do say this but I say this because I think we are not
>gods and we dont know everything we are limited and so is the way we look
>at the
>world round us that why we Test the world aroud us inorder to find things
>we dont know Plato would have it the other way round.But If I say who true
>and false then I am gulity of Bivalent mask I place on Reality too :)

It is because we are limited that we can go through the key hole
and contemplate or bet on greater part of the unnameable spectacle.

The sound universal machine does not always say true or false
but sometimes remains silent. (cf Turing, Post, Godel, ...)

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