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Hello Charles

On 09-Oct-01, Charles Goodwin wrote:
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>> But then why do you say that a duplicate of your brain processes in
>> a
>> computer would not be conscious. You seem to be
>> discriminating between
>> a biological duplicate and a silicon duplicate.
> The use of the word 'duplicate' seems contentious to me. The question
> is whether you *can* duplicate the processes in the brain at a
> suitable level of abstraction, and whether (if you can) such a
> duplicate would be conscious. I don't think anyone knows the answer to
> this (yet) !
It was a hypothetical that Bruno used. It's pretty certain nobody knows
how to do it now and it might never be practical. But if the
processes, including the sensory ones, were duplicated I have no reason
to think that it would not be conscious. The contrary conclusion would
seem to imply vitalism and magic.

Brent Meeker
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