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Date: Tue, 18 Sep 2001 09:53:48 -0400

>.... But I'm still curious to know what you mean by "I
> rest my case".
> Charles

In my post I was denying the "experiences" after death, knowable while still
living. Rwas was upset because of his alleged "after death experiences. If
it turns out that they are imaginary - i.e. mystical - fantasies, "I rest my
case" because I am a sci-fi writer myself. One 'dreams' about past
knowledge, received e.g. in religion classes.

Bruno wrote:
>About mystic experiences I tend to believe awareness or consciousness
> is sort of degree 1 mystic experiences, and I would not be astonished
>that the psychology of machine entails a vast number of variate possible
>"mystical" experiences, but all belongs to G* minus G and would be
>uncommunicable/unprovable (like consciousness).<

Since consciousness is an undefined quagmire in which everybody includes
whatever one's digestive tract dictates, I deny the use of such in serious
discussions. We can talk about the single concepts of ideation which may or
may not be included into one's private "consciousness" concept. Neither am I
impressed by the marvels of the "psychology of the machine", especially if
it may include mystical fantasies (OOOPS: experiences). Somewhere I seek a
line between things to be taken seriously and the fantasy-fables.
So, not wanting to open the door to the Brothers Grimm or to Andersen,
"I rest my case". Sorry, rwas, about your experiences.

John Mikes
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