RE: Conventional QTI = False

From: Charles Goodwin <>
Date: Tue, 11 Sep 2001 10:35:48 +1200

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> From: Saibal Mitra []
> QTI, as formulated by some on this list (I call this conventional QTI), is
> supposed to imply that you should experience becoming arbitrarily old with
> probability one. It is this prediction that I am attacking.

To be exact, conventional QTI postulates that all structures in the multiverse should experience becoming infinitely old, including
all observer moments.

> I have no problems with the fact that according to quantum mechanics there
> is a finite probability that bullets fired from a machine gun toward you
> will all tunnel through your body. Or, that if you are thrown into a black
> hole (Russell Standish's example), you might be emitted from the black hole
> as Hawking radiation.

Or indeed a different black hole....

> The mistake is that QTI ONLY considers certain branches were you survive
> without memory loss, other branches are not considered. This leads to the
> paradox that you should experience yourself being infinitely old etc..

I think it's guaranteed that if you lived for millions of years you'd suffer memory loss. In fact the human brain's memory capacity
would probably fill up in about 200 years, after which you'd presumably either lose your ability to remember new things or start to
lose old memories to make way for new ones. (My advice is keep a diary...)

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