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Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2001 10:16:00 +1200

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> But in general I have a more fundamental objection (to
> quantum immortality).
> In QM, not all quantum states are possible for a given situation. For
> example, an electron orbiting a proton can only occupy certain energy
> states, not arbitrary ones. The energy states in between are forbidden; an
> electron cannot be measured and found to be in one of these forbidden
> states. So I do not see why immortality is allowed by QM from our universe
> if physical mechanisms generally ban it. Survival seems to me (and I guess
> most people) a forbidden state in the situations where death
> is certain.

Accroding to the MWI the outcome of the schrodinger equation is a continuous wave, all of which corresponds to real states in the
multiverse. Somehow this generates the quantised states we see around us. (Perhaps David Deutch wouldn't mind clarifying the answer
to this, since it also appears to be an objection to the MWI, not just QTI!)

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