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From: Charles Goodwin <>
Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 16:18:04 +1200

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> This case bothers me too. The initial (or perhaps traditional)
> response is that consciousness is lost the instant blood pressure
> drops in the brain, a few hundred milliseconds after the neck is
> severed, thus the beheading is not experienced. However, there is some
> anecdotal evidence (eg the beheading of Lavoisier) that consciousness
> can survive up to 10-20 seconds after the neck is severed.
> Even if this is true, it still does not eliminate magical solutions,
> such as waking up "Matrix"-style in an alternative reality.

Yes....or in a tipler style afterlife inside some megacomputer trillions of years in the future (or equivalently, I suppose,
somewhere else in the multiverse). Definitely starts to sound like an act of faith to believe that's what would happen, though....

Even if you lost consciousness a split second after having your head removed, QTI would still have to explain how you got from
'immediately after being beheaded' to anywhere else...!

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