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Date: Tue, 4 Sep 2001 09:58:52 +1200

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> As I have written before, a person is just a computation being implemented
> somewhere. Suppose that the person has discovered that he suffers from a
> terminal ilness and he dies (the computation ends). Now in principle the
> person in question could have lived on if he wasn't diagnosed with this
> terminal ilness. Somewhere in the multiverse this person exists. Some time
> ago I wrote (I think on the FoR list) that the transformation from the old
> dying person to the new person is a continuous one. The process of death
> must involve the destruction of the brain. At some time the information
> that the person is dying will be lost to the person. The person might even
> think he is 20 years old while in reality he is 92. Anyway, the point is
> that his brain had stored so much information that adding new information
> would lead to an inconsistency. By dumping some of the information, the
> information left will be identical to the information in a similar brain
> somewhere else of a younger person, free from disease.

Hmm.....and this is a simpler theory, with more explanatory power, than that people are just material objects which eventually wear

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