Re: Logically possible universes and Occam's razor

From: Marchal <>
Date: Fri Aug 31 09:02:43 2001

Russell Standish wrote:

>I raised this very issue in "Why Occams Razor", and came to the
>conclusion that the only satisfactory "interpreter" is the observer

And so the question resumes into 'what is the observer itself'.
I propose the answer 'the self-referentially sound Lobian machine' (LM).

(exemple: PEANO ARITHMETIC, ZF, VNBG, first-order extension
of programming language, Second order Arithmetic, etc.)

The Universal Dovetailer argument (UDA) shows that observation is
selection (by LM) on near possibilities.

Modelising near possibilities by consistent extensions
(UD accessible) in the language of the Lobian machine, makes
it possible to asks the Lobian machine what it can observe.

The nuances, introduced by the incompleteness phenomenon, between

   provable(p) and p
   provable (p) and consistent(p)
   provable (p) and consistent(p) and p

can then help to extract the fungibility equivalence structure
(Deutsch sense ?, Fredkin or Toffoli?) of the possible sheaf of
computational "histories".

The structure I got from that looks like a quantum logic. (to be short)
It is at least enough rich for translating little quantum gates in
arithmetic (where the LM can observe). Coincidence?
If I get enough gates the "schroedinger equation" will be shown
necessary for all consistent machine looking near enough.


PS Sorry for this merging of the two mailing list. But if universe
can differentiate and merge, how could many worlder comp mailing lists
not interfere too. O gosh that was a metacomment, and that
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